O'Banya Ltd is a complete IT solutions company that will help you with your technology needs from the moment you decide you want them to when your systems are implemented. We deliver complete end-to-end IT and Management solutions, from design and configuration through to installation and maintenance. We offer guaranteed quality of service and flexible management options across local and wide area networks - from Intranet-to-Extranet.

These may include bespoke or pre-packaged solutions, further reducing cost, time and complexity when implementing managed and hosted IT services. We aim to help you simplify your workflows and reduce costs by aligning services and offering a single contract and bill via a single point of contact.

Quality Statement

Our commitment to you

O'Banya Ltd aims at implementing appropriate quality management systems and processes to ensure t...

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Our approach

Creative minds coming together for you

Our aim is to provide market-leading online services that can transform the way organisations do ...

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Our Products

Innovative software

Our range of software products can provide you with a quickstart on managing your solutions. We a...

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